“Without Childhaven, I would never have never trusted that my relationships could be positive and full of love. I would have never been able to take control of my life and my future and my own happiness. It was Childhaven that gave me this gift of awareness that set me up for an amazing life today.”

—Aleesha Lysen,
Childhaven alumna, 1991-94


Meet a Childhaven family

Evie felt so strongly about the transformative power of Childhaven that she fostered or adopted a total of 13 children just to keep them in the neighborhood. Read more about Evie and her children.

A safe haven for children, a healing place for families

Childhaven not only heals families already shattered by abuse and neglect, we also work to prevent it from occurring again.

In three locations across Seattle and King County, we intervene during the most critical period of brain development for children one month through 5 years of age, who receive the therapy, social interaction and emotional support they need to grow up happy and healthy. Parents and caregivers also get the encouragement and support they need to become the families they want to be.

Here’s how:

  • Therapeutic Child Care—Children referred to us by child welfare authorities receive developmentally-focused care and treatment in an enriched learning environment with very low child-to-staff ratios. 
  • Drug-Affected Infant Program—Children affected by their parents’ substance abuse (including in utero) receive care and treatment while their parents are enrolled in an outpatient chemical dependency treatment program. 
  • Wrap-around services—Health screenings, two balanced meals a day, door-to-door transportation to and from our branches, monthly home visits and daily home monitoring.
  • Parent education—Through individual and group support and a new program that uses videotaping and feedback, parents gain skills and confidence to better care for and nurture their children.
  • Committed, professional staff—Case managers who are licensed mental health counselors and social workers, therapeutic child care teachers, home visitors and pediatric nurses. We also partner with community resources to ensure that all our children's developmental needs are met.
  • Multiple locations throughout Seattle and King County—Broadway Branch (Central Seattle), Eli Creekmore Memorial Branch (Burien area) and Patrick L. Gogerty Branch (Auburn).

We get results

Research shows that without treatment, abused and neglected children are more likely to commit crimes and to repeat the cycle of abuse and neglect. Early intervention is the key. Learn more about our research.

We are a recognized leader in therapeutic child care, which uses research-based methods and individualized attention to help children heal, form healthy relationships and learn to trust again.