Keesha’s Story

This month Keesha started kindergarten excited, ready to learn and grow. Both Keesha and her foster mom, Carmen, know they are on the right path and will find success in their new environment.

They’re ready for the next step of their life because of Childhaven’s help.

They’re ready because of your support.

Two years ago, Carmen was a brand new parent of a three year old and she knew she needed help. Keesha was just placed in Carmen’s care and three days later started at Childhaven. At first Carmen was unsure of the Childhaven staff, hesitant if they could help Keesha, thought the staff were too ‘soft’ and ‘calm’ to help a child with huge delays and outbursts. With very few verbal skills, still in diapers, no eye contact with others, and challenges with sensory and touch, Keesha’s team of Childhaven teachers and therapists quickly created a plan to help her.

Carmen recalls these first few weeks where Keesha was very withdrawn and developmentally behind.

“Keesha was super nervous about any new situation, new people. She had a lot of sensory issues and would become very frustrated and have outbursts easily.”

Carmen also sees the growth and progress that she and Keesha have made. “I don’t know if I could be where I am, being a parent in the last two years without Childhaven. I could not have done it by myself.”

Keesha also receives counseling with a Childhaven therapist. Counseling, in the form of play therapy, is child-led with therapists looking for themes in the child’s play. Some kids who have experienced trauma repeat play in a way to work through their emotions. Other times play therapy is an opportunity for kids to organize their experiences and it might be one of the few times in their lives they get to feel more in control and secure.

With stability and hard work at home, combined with counseling and support at Childhaven, Keesha has found many successes. She has verbal and communication skills standard to a 5 year old. She has formed relationships and attachments to Carmen, teachers, and staff at Childhaven, and has overcome her sensory issues. No longer shut down, Keesha has made many friends, even best friends.

Today, Keesha’s counseling with her Childhaven therapist will continue in kindergarten and as she moves forward on her path towards more breakthroughs and success.

Thank you for being a part of Keesha’s success.

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