We are ending abuse and neglect

Father and son, laughing and playing togetherChild abuse is a cycle. It repeats and echoes through generations. Research has shown that abused and neglected kids who do not receive treatment in their early years are more likely to become abusers themselves, carrying forward not only the human damage but also the economic effects for generations.

The good news is that lives can be set right again, and the cycle can be broken. In King County, thanks to our community’s generosity, childhood trauma treatment and parenting skills programs create a foundation for loving relationships that spans generations.

Early intervention is the key. A study to examine the effectiveness of Childhaven’s childhood trauma treatment revealed dramatic differences between those who participated in our program and a control group. The children were studied during their treatment and 12 years later as teenagers. The results show that the Childhaven children were:

  • Six times less likely to have committed a violent juvenile crime
  • Better adjusted in school and less of a disruption for teachers
  • Two and a half times less likely to abuse drugs

The Childhaven families also received half as much money in welfare cash grants, medical coupons and food stamps than the comparison group.

The bottom line: An investment in healing a child today can save lives – and taxpayer dollars – tomorrow.