Childhaven succeeds in treating early trauma

Research shows that chronic abuse and neglect trigger toxic stress in the brains of young children. Imagine how you feel when you have a car wreck, hear a burglar in the house or get serious medical news from your doctor. An abused or neglected child’s brain can be in that chaotic “fight or flight” state all the time. Imagine how hard it would be to make friends, learn new things or even function normally in that state.

These are the challenges Childhaven children face.

Fortunately, research also proves that Childhaven’s therapeutic approach to care succeeds in actually repairing an abused or neglected child’s brain. Consistency, structured routine, attentive listening, the opportunity to make their own choices, and clear limits and boundaries – both in the classroom and, through Childhaven’s work with parents, also at home – work to calm and heal children, and help them build trusting relationships with adults.

Our care includes:

  • Therapist working with a baby, one-on-oneIndividually-focused treatment five days a week
  • Daily door-to-door van transportation, which allows for daily contact with a child’s caregiver
  • Low child:teacher ratios of 3:1 for children up to two years of age and 5:1 for children two through five years old
  • Medical supervision by staff nurses, plus health screenings and individualized health plans for each child
  • Monthly home visitation
  • Two balanced meals plus a snack, meeting all daily nutrition needs
  • Treatment and care for drug- and alcohol-affected children
  • Developmental screening and referral for speech, gross and fine motor skills, and social and emotional development
  • Therapy through creative expression in play, music and art
  • Highly trained and experienced staff


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