Below is a calendar showing all the days that Childhaven’s branches will be closed during 2020. This does not reflect any closures due to inclement weather. Read our inclement weather policy below.

Inclement Weather Policy:

Childhaven’s branches follow the inclement weather closures for the school districts in their respective areas:

  • Seattle School District for Broadway branch
  • Auburn School District for Auburn branch
  • Highline School District for Creekmore Head Start
  • Federal Way School district for Brigadoon ECEAP

In other words, if Seattle School District is closed, the Broadway branch is also closed.

If the district is two hours late, caregivers can bring their children into the branch between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.

If you are unsure if a branch is closed or on a late schedule, call the branch’s phone line using the numbers here.