Childhaven is dedicated to creating and implementing programs and policies that are informed by, and prioritized in response to the experiences, perspectives and needs of children and families of color.  We recognize the multiple levels of systemic inequity that many individuals and communities face everyday.  We, as an organization, choose to look at all forms of oppression through a racial equity lens to ensure that our programs contribute to dismantling barriers to racial justice.

Childhaven is committed to racial equity by fostering inclusiveness, valuing diversity and racial representation, facilitating healing, and promoting avenues to equitable systems by addressing disparities in the workplace, health, and education.  We do this with respect, self-awareness, authentic engagement, and a willingness to learn from one another and our communities.

Our Commitment

We will combat Institutional Racism by continuously striving for full integration of anti-racist, relational health, and healing centered approaches into all aspects of our governance, values, policies, practices, programs, and operations.

  1. Policies and Practices: We will develop values and attributes, policies, procedures, and practices where we proactively counteract race inequities and institutional racism.
  2. Elevating Voices: Increase organizational knowledge and infrastructure around incorporating family, community, and staff voice into ongoing organizational development, communication and service delivery.
  3. Professional Development: Every staff person will receive training and ongoing professional development in anti-racism, healing-centered practices, and relational health.
  4. Board of Directors: Adopt a “governing for equity” priority focused on board diversification and the professional development of board members in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.

we are constructively dissatisfied with the status quo

We challenge ourselves to constantly reflect and learn…to better ourselves and our community.

We innovate and partner to prevent childhood trauma, improve systems, and contribute to safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments.

We are committed to better serving more children, more families, and more communities.