Create your own event

CHgolftourney2Thank you for your interest in raising money to support Childhaven! We are always inspired by the creative ideas and generosity of our volunteers to raise funds on our behalf.

Volunteers’ fundraising ideas have the best chance of making it to the calendar when they are thoughtfully planned and documented. To help you get started, we’ve developed some suggested steps along with three required pieces marked in red below—a list of guidelines and two short forms for proposal and budget planning:

  • Choose the right event or promotion—Your event should fit the size, interests, talents, goals and time availability of your group. Some ideas include garage sales, sporting events, wine tasting, auctions, club or restaurant openings, concerts or “battle of the bands,” backyard barbecues, fashion shows and enthusiast events, such as a motorcycle ride or scrapbooking.
  • Form a planning committee—The enthusiasm and dedication of the people who brainstorm, plan and organize your event or promotion increase the chances of a successful fundraiser.
  • Identify your target audience—Who is most likely to attend and support your event or promotion? Is it geared toward the general public or a specific audience?
  • Establish goals—Develop goals that are realistic and measurable.
  • Schedule your event or promotion—Give yourself plenty of time to organize, publicize and guarantee maximum participation.
  • Know the guidelines (required)—Make sure you fully understand and follow these Guidelines for Fundraising.
  • Register your event or promotion (required)—At least 30 days prior to the event, fill out and return the Special Event and Promotional Proposal Form (four pages).
  • Plan a budget (required)—Fill out and return the Sample Budget (one page). This tool will not only help you plan, it can be used as a template for tracking your expenses and donations to Childhaven.

The complete contents of this page also are available in our Childhaven Fundraising Events & Promotions Guide.

Fundraising can be fun, but it also can be challenging. Donors trust us with their money, which is a big responsibility. And there are many things to consider, including state and federal regulations, Childhaven policies, cost ratios and other factors. Unfortunately, not every event or promotion will be possible, despite the best intentions—and there is a chance we might need to respectfully decline an offer for support.

To learn more about creating your own fundraising event for Childhaven, contact:

Brooke Johnson
Events Manager