Guidelines for Fundraising

The special events proposal form along with a detailed description of the event must be submitted to the Special Events Team for approval at least 30 days prior to the date of your fundraising event or promotion launch. A separate form must be submitted for each event.

  • If you plan to use proceeds from your event to help cover expenses, we ask that the total expenses not exceed 1/3 of the gross revenue. A preliminary budget is required with your event proposal. Depending on the nature of the event, Childhaven may require a minimum guaranteed donation.
  • A list of the products or percentage of sales tied to a promotional offer that benefit Childhaven must be included in your proposal and approved prior to being advertised.
  • Community fundraising projects must have promotional materials reviewed and approved by Childhaven before they can be used.
  • Printed materials and other messaging should state that your event will “benefit Childhaven.”
  • Childhaven is unable to advance monies, solicit sponsorship revenue or sell tickets on behalf of your group.
  • If you plan to approach businesses, foundations or organizations for support (sponsorship, in-kind, gift, promotions, etc.) please provide a list of prospective contacts to Childhaven before making your request. Many local organizations may already be supporters of Childhaven and we want to avoid multiple requests to our partners. We may also have suggestions about your solicitations based on our experience with different companies.
  • Your group is responsible for recruitment of volunteers to support your event.
  • All necessary permits and certificates of insurance required by city ordinance or otherwise is the responsibility of your fundraising group.
  • Childhaven requires that students or individuals under the age of 18 have a mentor or adult advisor to oversee the coordination of a school or community event/project.
  • All raffles must be licensed in accordance with state law. Childhaven does not hold a raffle license. If you wish to conduct a raffle you must obtain your own license. For more information, contact the Washington State Gambling Commission at 811-245-2529 or
  • Due to confidentiality commitments, Childhaven is unable to release donor, volunteer, employee or Childhaven family/child information or mailing lists for the purpose of solicitation of funds or participation in your event or project.
  • Childhaven is unable to support vending machine fundraising opportunities due to the resources required to respond to service, theft, replenishment and tracking of individual machines.
  • If circumstances warrant, Childhaven may opt out as beneficiary of the event/promotion at any time with no obligation.
  • The fundraising event or appeal organizer/sponsor/organization agrees to indemnify, refund and hold Childhaven harmless against and in respect of any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities, damages, recoveries and deficiencies, including interest, penalties and reasonable attorney’s fees that shall be incurred or suffered by Childhaven which arise, result from or relate to the fundraising event or appeal, the organizer/sponsor/organization’s performance of its agreement as specified in these guidelines and Special Event and Promotion Proposal Form.
  • Some criteria used by Childhaven for reviewing proposals include:
    • Does the event support the mission of Childhaven?
    • Does the event have a viable target audience?
    • Does the event have a realistic budget that complies with these guidelines?
  • Within 45 days of a completed fundraising event/promotion, please send a final accounting for income and expenses along with your proceeds to Childhaven. Please also include contact information for individuals and organizations that need receipts for tax purposes (this includes in-kind donations of $50 or more). Please make checks payable to: Childhaven, 316 Broadway,
    Seattle, WA 98122.

Thank you for complying with these guidelines.

Please direct questions to:

Brooke Johnson
Director of Events & Corporate Relations