Building Capacity and Community Through Data & Stories

18 March 2021, 12:16 PM PT

Best Starts for Kids blog features Childhaven as one of the partners working with The Capacity Collective to share community’s stories in their own voices and co-develop stronger data systems that help them identify, respond, and adapt to emerging needs. 

"The Capacity Collective is first, last, and always mission centered. They deeply care about the person – the kiddo – at the center, and that’s unique within the data sphere. There’s no need with The Capacity Collective to translate what this data means and how important and heart-centered it has to be to really tend to the needs of the kiddo and family, and our organizational needs – all while being mindful of honoring our partnership with BSK."

~ Erin Hood, Data Coordinator

The Photovoice Project creates space for parents in Childhaven’s Healthy Starts program, mainly young Latina mothers, to share their stories as way of honoring their strengths while simultaneously acknowledging the challenges they’ve faced. Participating mothers took pictures to capture their experiences based off prompts like, “what do you wish people knew about your family?” and attended focus groups to reflect upon their images and share their thoughts with other participants.

Erin Hood, Childhaven’s Data Coordinator, who speaks to her relationship with The Capacity Collective and how they’ve supported the long-term sustainability of her team’s data system.