Childhaven Receives Grant from Premera

10 March 2020, 07:11 AM PT

To help facilitate our health care partnership efforts and further Childhaven’s strategic growth, we are hiring an Early Childhood Healthcare Integration Manager funded by Premera, who will lead our efforts to integrate healthcare and our continuum of care. This position will implement our strategy of locating services where children and families live, learn, and play, and will have a broad impact. This goals for this funding are to integrate preventative health care and early childhood systems through a relational health care approach where the needs are greatest in the King County area, and to integrate an infant and early childhood mental health lens into primary pediatric care settings.

About Premera Blue Cross

Premera is the largest health plan in the Pacific Northwest, Premera serves more than 2 million people—from individuals and families to employees of Fortune 100 companies. They provide comprehensive, tailored services to customers in Washington and Alaska that include innovative programs focused on wellness and prevention, disease management, and patient safety. They deliver these programs through health, life, vision, dental, stop-loss, disability, workforce wellness, and other related products and services. Premera networks include thousands of doctors, healthcare providers, and hospitals.

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