Racism, in all its forms, is Trauma

1 June 2020, 07:12 AM PT

The continued loss of black lives in our country due to racism is unjust and tragic. Racism, in all its forms, is trauma. Trauma is toxic and contributes to adverse childhood environments that have lifelong consequences. Childhaven condemns all forms of brutality, hate, bigotry, racism and entrenched systems of racism.

We will continue to listen, reflect, learn, and act as individuals, as an organization, and as a community partner. Right now, many in our community are traumatized by more and more deadly manifestations of racism. We stand in solidarity with all who are working for racial justice and healing. And we know that it will take more than standing. We recognize undoing racism requires ongoing action. As we redouble our efforts to support our children and their families, our staff, and our community we are committed to stamp out racism in pursuit of equity for everyone.

We can and must do more, and do better.
Our children are watching.