Success Stories

Meet Tyson

20 April 2020, 02:25 AM PT
By: Tim Ross

“What happens when he leaves Childhaven?”

That was the question Sheila asked when her son, Tyson, turned five. Born drug affected, Tyson had made amazing progress in his small Childhaven classroom. An individualized treatment plan and attentive teachers had helped him blossom into a smart, goofy little boy.

But his mother worried how he’d fare in a class of 20 Kindergarten students. Stability and personal attention are a critical part of the healing care at Childhaven, but the realities of school life can be very different after children graduate.

Thanks to you, Tyson is prepared. Your donations have supported Childhaven’s pre-K program which focuses on building school readiness skills and ensures Childhaven graduates succeed in Kindergarten.

In January, Tyson’s teachers began combining classes during playtime, gently teaching him to cope with more noise and variety. His developmental tester worked to help him reach important milestones. He could tie his own shoes! He could spell his name out loud!

Tyson’s mother, Sheila, found comfort in the pre-K parenting group. Child and family therapists taught her how to set routines, and gave her confidence to navigate the new school system and advocate for her child.

Tyson will graduate with his Childhaven class in August and Sheila plans to attend the Childhaven parent check-in meeting offered in October for continued support.

“In some ways it feels like we are both graduating!” Sheila says with a laugh. “But we’re ready.”

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