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Meet the Millers

20 April 2020, 02:25 AM PT

Identification & Collaboration

At first, the Millers were anxious, overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed after their son Weston was identified as having a speech delay at 18 months old. Their pediatrician referred them to Childhaven for assistance. They had never heard of Childhaven.

At Childhaven, Ashley Benson (Special Educator) and Jessica Ryan (Speech & Language Pathologist) helped clarify and set realistic goals and explain what to expect as first-time parents of their son with special needs. Slowly, Ashley and Jessica built a relationship with Weston, and later taught him to communicate using both expressive and receptive language skills (terms new to the Millers). They advocated for Weston when the family initially felt apprehensive to do so themselves. Weston’s parents could see how much they cared for him. Jessica and Ashley worked together to identify certain behaviors that might be  indicative of Autism. They recommended seeing a neurologist who gave a diagnosis, which unlocked even more resources for Weston.

"We felt they went beyond their typical duties to make sure Weston had the best chance to succeed. They are amazing, hardworking and compassionate educators."

~ Allison Miller, on the staff support at Childhaven

As Weston transitioned into the Seattle Public School district, Childhaven advocated for Weston to receive the necessary services to help him be successful in the classroom.

By working as a team with the Millers, Weston has become more communicative with his parents and they are closer than ever!

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